Dance Lessons

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I don’t really pride myself as much as dancer. I can slow-dance with my husband just fine, but as far as knowing any dance steps such as the waltz or the tango, I’m pretty much clueless.

I definitely don’t need dance lessons from the dance doctor, but it would be kind of cool to learn some classic dance moves. You know, just in case hubby and I actually go dancing someday without the kids. ;)

NASA Builds Mosaic With Over 1400 Waving People

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On July 19, with the information that our planet would be in pictures taken that day due to a rare total eclipse of the sun, NASA asked people all over the world to take a few minutes out of their normal everyday life to spot the planet in the sky and wave their hands at Cassini, 900 million miles away.

In total, people from 40 countries and 30 U.S. states sent pictures of themselves waving at the spacecraft to various social media outlets.

To thank those who graciously participated, NASA created a mosaic of Earth using the photos submitted.

‘It’s just thrilling me to no end that people all over the world took a break from their normal activities to go outside and celebrate the interplanetary salute between robot and maker that these images represent,’ said Carolyn Porco, lead of the Cassini imaging team.

Shopping Fun

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Sometimes I don’t know WHY I look to buy things like live wildlife cameras, for instance. Maybe it’s the anticipation of something fun coming in the mail, maybe it’s the pure joy of browsing the web for cool stuff. It drives my husband CRAZY, but I just love shopping online! I love it even more than shopping in real stores, because I don’t even have to leave the comfort of my own home!

Man’s Auction Bonus

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When a small business owner bought a storage container in a blind auction for $100 he hoped he might be able to double or even triple his money by using it’s contents to for selling.

But inside he discovered one the world’s most legendary film cars – and now it’s looks like he’s going to make at least 10,000 times what he paid for the storage.

James Bond’s Lotus Esprit submarine car, which was featured in the 1977 film The Spy Who Loved Me, is now going to be available for auction in London where it is expected to reach over 1 million dollars.

Its owner, who has decidedto stay anonymous, discovered the car after buying the storage container in Long Island in the year 1989.

Glasses Woes

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Having 3 kids who grew up wearing glasses, a mom can get accustomed to continuous glasses scratch repair, popped-out lenses, or snapped frames. Sometimes these traumatic events happen at a good time, such as when the kids are about to get new glasses anyway, but other times, it will happen almost IMMEDIATELY after they’ve gotten a new pair, making for a not-so-happy mom! Oh, the joys of kids with glasses. ;)

New Invention For Cleaning Seas

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Boyan Slat, 19, came up with the idea of a series of floating booms and processing platforms designed to collect floating plastic rubbish from large bodies of water all around the world.

This ‘ocean cleanup’ idea is created to capture the floating plastic but allow life like fish and plankton to pass through unharmed, while saving the waste materials to be recycled.


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I’m tentatively considering getting back into beading. A few years ago, I got very involved in making jewelry and I even considered selling it. But after I got hired for a number of online jobs, beading somehow got quietly pushed to the back burner of my mind.

I was recently cleaning out my sewing room and I came across all my old beading books and more of these beads, and I got inspired to start beading again. I have to say, that I did enjoy beading and I’m hoping I can find the time to get back into it!

Youngest Person To Ever Join The U.S Track Team

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17-year old, Mary Cain keeps setting records, even when this active teenager is not running against her fellow teenagers.

As said by the Chicago Tribune and a number of other sources, Mary has became the youngest athlete in American history to qualify for a U.S. World Championships squad. The Bronxville native earned the honor by placing second in the 1,500 meter final at the 2013 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championship, which was held at Drake Stadium in Des Moines, Iowa.

“I’m just so exhilarated,” Cain told the Tribune. “I get to wear the Team USA uniform again. It’s an awesome uniform. It’s what we’ve been dreaming about. I just really wanted to get a uniform. It will be so exciting.”

NFL’s Smallest (but biggest!) Fan

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Little Kalee Buetow of Maple Valley, Washington could quite possibly be the Seattle Seahawks’ most adorable football fan. Not only can the 3-year-old name every single member on the team by heart, she can also say the number on their jerseys.

‘She just kind of randomly started picking up on some names and would just be randomly talking about them as she was playing, and it was like, ‘How did you remember that, you know?,’ said her father Evan Buetow to KOMO.

Kaylee was featured on ‘Eric’s Little Heroes’, a KOMO program hosted by Eric Johnson dedicated to young sports fans and players.

Kalee’s love for the Seahawks led her to want to know just about everything about them. Instead of Kalee’s father reading his daughter books before bed, he reads her the team roster and adds a new player every night.

Musical Instrument Frugality

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Buying musical instruments for your musically-gifted kids doesn’t have to be expensive—There are several options for affording an otherwise-expensive instrument in mint condition–

Do you have family friends that have barely-used instruments? Consider asking how much they would sell it to you for. You could even work out a trade.

You don’t need to go too far to find an exciting selmer alto saxophone for sale. I’ve seen some pretty decent prices online, even!

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