House Hunting?

Moving…it’s exciting but also so stressful. If you’re thinking about purchasing a new or different home, make sure you consider these things before you call the cross country movers.
1. First and foremost…any realtor will tell you that the location of a home is the one thing you cannot change. Even if you love a home, if it is located in a neighborhood or on a street you don’t like, skip the house.
2. Make sure you like the layout of the home. Stairs, garage, yard…everything. You probably won’t find perfection, but aim to love all of the big things.
3. The neighborhood should fit you and your lifestyle. Quiet and sedated or lively and full of kids…make sure that you and the neighborhood are a good fit.
4. The size of the house needs to fit your needs. Not too big and not too small. Make sure the floor plan fits your lifestyle also.
5. The kitchen is an important room. Make sure you like the layout and the style because remodeling is expensive.
6. Storage is also paramount. Make sure there is adequate storage and closet space for your needs.
7. Make sure the number of bedrooms and bathrooms fits your needs also. Not enough bathrooms would be a nightmare. An extra bedroom would be lovely.
8. Windows and natural lighting are something you might not automatically think about…but if you love to sit in a sunny room, make sure you have south-eastern exposures.