Baptismal Gifts

You know me…any excuse to shop, right? What could be better than shopping for baby…it’s the best of both worlds…cute and fun! That’s why whenever we have invitations to events, I always take special time to find the perfect baptism gift ideas to make sure that I buy something that will help commemorate the big occasion. Parents usually save these gifts to remember baptismal day. It’s a big deal.

Amazing Online Deals!

As one avid and frequent online shopper to another, can I let you in on a little secret? I promise that by the end of this post you will be falling all over yourself to get to this website and check out their deals. They’re that good.

Anyway, are you as tired as I am of the scams and come-ons put out by websites selling their wares? I hate the scams and I hate the double-speak. I just want deals and I want to find the things I’m looking for in an easy and timely fashion.

Those are the main reasons I want to recommend the NoMoreRack website to you. They’ve got a very simple system. Once you see it you’ll want to stay closely tuned in to what they’re doing every day so you won’t miss any deals.

Here’s how it works:

1. Check the website every day to find out what the daily deals are. If you see something you want, stick it in your cart right away — remember, these are DAILY deals and they only last one day!

2. Create an account so you can check out. It’s an easy process. It won’t hurt…promise!

3. Enter your payment information and make your payment. Check your email for a confirmation email.

Have I convinced you yet? Not quite? OK…I’ll keep going!

Here are a few more tidbits you might find interesting.

  • Martha Stewart, The View and The Miami Herald are just three of the many big names that are putting their thumbs up toward NoMoreRack. For good reason, too!
  • You won’t find any press about nomorerack scams anywhere. It just doesn’t exist. You will find, however, a lot of talk about the great items you can find on NoMoreRack. Things like electronics, jewelry, accessories, clothing, computers…I could go on. It changes every day and you have to act fast if you see something you want because the deals sell out.

Anyway, if you’re still a little hesitant, why not read some nomorerack reviews to see what other people are saying. It’s not just me excited about this website. This is the place to find the awesome deals!

Blog is Back!

Wow…computers and technology are all well and fine when they work, but when they don’t work, it can be so frustrating! About a week and a half ago, my oldest son and I were experimenting with some files on my webhost and we inadvertently deleted all of my websites! What a nightmare!

Now, after untold expense and hassle, I am still minus one website, but all of my other sites are back up again.

I did learn several things throughout this experience.

1. BACK UP! I can’t say this enough…BACK UP! Twice a month…AT LEAST!

2. Stay in good touch with my techie friend who saved my butt AGAIN! He’s a whiz and I don’t know what I’d do without my good friend Magnus!

I have now switched webhosts and I anticipate smooth sailing. Welcome back dear readers…it’s so good to be back!

Address Plaques

It’s all well and fine to have standard house numbers posted on the front of your house, but have you ever considered one of those beautiful address plaques to display your house number to visitors?

Not only are address plaques beautiful, but they are very important also. Rescue personnel must have easy identification of your house number if they are ever responding to an emergency call.

Why not do double duty with address signs that display your house number in beautiful style? These house address plaques come in a wide variety of styles to suit different types of houses, from contemporary to quaintly old-fashioned. There’s something to match every house and every homeowner’s taste. They are not even that expensive, so there’s something to match every homeowner’s budget, too.

When you’ve got an address plaque proudly displayed on the front of your house, you instantly increase the curb appeal of your home and make it look more pulled together. This can be important if you’re ever trying to sell your home. I have a real estate broker husband, so my mind tends to end up thinking about details like this.

So, what kind of address plaque would be perfect for your house?

Cranberry Relish

How about a sugar-free cranberry relish recipe? That tastes as good as sugar-laden cranberries? Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

Place 1 bag of fresh cranberries into a saucepan.

Add 1 can of cranberry juice concentrate and 1/2 cup of raw honey.

Stir well.

Heat the cranberries and other ingredients over medium-high heat until the sauce simmers. Reduce the heat to medium and simmer the goodness for about 20 minutes.

Take the cranberries off the heat and let them cool. Place them into the refrigerator to chill them before serving.

3G Woes

I live in a slightly remote area — just far enough away from the big towns that 3G doesn’t work for me. Isn’t that sad? I think so. I have a Barnes and Noble Nook that I paid $50 extra for to have the 3G capabilities and it only works sporadically, depending on where I’m sitting or standing with my Nook. My cell phone works fine most of the time…no need for a cell booster, but I can’t get my Nook to work right! Bummer!

Moving While Expecting a Baby

Written by my friend Betty Walls

What were we thinking?!? I honestly think my husband and I had a moment of insanity. Here I am seven months pregnant and we decide we want to move into a new home. In our heads, it sounded like a good idea: bigger house for the new baby with plenty of room for any future babies. While that might look good on paper, my advice is to not follow my example. First off, it is impossible to pack boxes when you are that pregnant. Second, on top of making all the baby decisions, you are making house decisions. I am at Babies ‘R Us ordering a car seat and also at signing up for new power service. I had so many checklists that I made a binder out of them. I honestly thought I was going to lose my mind. It was a very crazy time and I don’t think I would ever choose to do it again. However, now my husband and I are parents to the most beautiful baby girl. She is worth every headache I have ever and will ever have. I am lucky to have her and I don’t think I would change any of it.

Gift Inspirations

Even though we don’t celebrate Christmas in our family, December is a busy gift-buying month. I have to remember my mother-in-law’s birthday on the first and my oldest daughter’s birthday on the 27th. We also have two anniversaries so far in December — oldest daughter and her hubby will celebrate six years on December 17 and oldest son and his wife will celebrate two years on December 24.

I have some of the birthday shopping out of the way but I’m still looking for inspiration for the anniversaries. Can’t really do something easy like apple ipod nanos — we need couple’s gifts. I think I did gift cards last year…hmmmmm

C’Mon Snow!

It’s been a while since we were in the situation of praying for snow! Well, this winter promises to be a little different since my dear hubby just bought a truck and a plow and is planning on taking a stab at snow plowing again.

He’s still got some work to do on the truck before it’s ready to roll, so we need to snow to hold off for just a little longer (the truck doesn’t need rv towing, but it does need a little help). He was plowing snow when we first met, but he sold his two plow trucks when we moved to Hawaii. He’s yearned for the challenge all these years and finally decided to give it a go this winter.

So…let the flakes fly!