Sheepskin Benefits

I love using sheepskin products in and around my home. While there are many benefits of sheepskin, one of my favorites is how it can keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The snuggly, soft wool can do this because it is a natural fiber, that breathes and protects naturally.

When my kids were babies, I had a floor blanket made out of sheepskin on one side and flannel on the other. This was a well-used blanket that my kids loved. After all these years, it is in perfect shape. Still thick, warm and it looks like new. It’s machine washable and I’ve washed it countless times…yet it still looks new.

Another treat for the home…sheepskin rugs! Seriously…have you treated your bare toes to the softness of a sheepskin rug any time lately? If not, you owe it to your feet…they will love you for it!

I have leather seats in my car with seat warmers that keep me warm in the winter. In the summer, though, leather seats are another thing altogether. I don’t especially like the feeling of hot skin on hot car seats. That is why I add sheepskin seat covers to my car when the temperature climbs in the summer. Try it!

Spring Garden

Do you plant a spring garden or do you focus on summer fruits and vegetables? Try as I might, I can’t seem to get myself to the right place to put a spring garden in the ground. At this time of the year, we are very busy with preparations for spring holy days. This involves a high amount of cooking and cleaning, so the idea of adding the preparation of the garden for cool-weather vegetables just never gets done.

I am eagerly anticipating putting my summer vegetables into the ground, though! My garden is sprouting neat rows of WEEDS right now! I need to rototill the soil and let it sit for a bit before we put in the summer plants. It’s been so warm here that it seems like I should be getting this done NOW instead of the standard time of early to mid May!

So…how’s your garden progressing this growing season! Do share!

Garage Flooring

My husband has created quite a den for himself out in our garage. Think part gym and part fix-it shop and you probably have a good idea of what he’s done. The one thing I think he’d like is garage flooring tile because the flooring out there has seen better days. It’s a 150 year old carriage house made over into a garage, so that might give you an idea of what he’s working with. I’m quite sure the flooring isn’t THAT old, but it’s seen better days.

NoMoreRack for Awesome Deals

So…I’ve been getting NoMoreRack emails for a couple of months now. They come in the middle of the day — somewhere around noon, I think. This little email is always good for a few delicious minutes of browsing and drooling over the latest deals. Careful — drool on your keyboard would be bad.

Have you heard of No? Where have you been????

Go sign up for their emails! You’ll get a new email every day that is chock full of awesome deals waiting for you. You’ll have to get to the website fast after the email comes, though…because these deals don’t hang around for long. They are that good that people are hanging out waiting for the email…yep!

Anyway, you will find clothing for the whole family, toys, jewelry, electronics, accessories — it’s all there and it’s the stuff you want. You can find amazing gifts for friends and family, too.

So…head on over to their website and sign up for their email list. You’ll get one like clockwork every late morning or early afternoon. Check it out and then go grab what you want fast!

Post a comment to tell everyone what awesome deals you found! I’d love to hear all about it!

California Lemon Law

My 18 year old son is desperately seeking a reliable car to get around in. He’s got a very limited budget and it’s proven quite challenging to find him a good car. That’s not for lack of looking, either. My husband and son have been looking diligently for about a month and a half and keep coming up empty handed. To say that they are both frustrated would be putting it mildly.

One thing I am so thankful about is my husband’s knowledge and expertise in the automobile department. He knows just how to examine a used car to determine how reliable it is and what condition it’s in. He can determine what it will need and he is really good at finding flaws that will probably turn into major headaches for an owner.

This is good, because David doesn’t have the funds or the ability to deal with a lemon. We don’t live in California, but it’s good to know that there are California lemon law attorneys available to help consumers who have been ripped off.

Oh, the frustration of purchasing a car that’s a lemon. If this happens to you, get in touch with one of those good lemon law attorneys in California. These are the people who know the law and they know how to recover damages.

Springing Ahead?

So, how did springing ahead go for you? I know…it’s always such a tough one because losing an hour really hurts. But…the benefits include that extra hour of daylight at the end of the day. Somehow, the later sunset does so much for the psyche.

How did it go for you this year? I pushed through on Sunday and got up at the normal time, even though I forgot temporarily on Saturday and stayed up a little later than I should have. I ended up paying for that both Sunday and Monday.

BUT…by Tuesday I was acclimating and the end of the torture was nearly over! I’d say by today…Friday…this old body is completely changed over to summer time.

The kids are still having a little more trouble acclimating. Which is strange to me because you would think that youth would help them along. I think they resist it though and cling to the old time, which slows down the process.

So anyway…the lesson learned? Switch over completely as quickly as possible. Don’t cling to the old time and your body will give in and get used to it!


Guest post from: Steve Delaney

Our church had a member meeting last Sunday after the service. It was open to anyone who is a member of the church, but surprisingly, there were only about 30 of us that showed up. I knew the purpose was to discuss the church budget, and I’ve always been interested in that as my wife and I tithe on a regular basis, and we feel a devotion to our church family. They mentioned that they are looking into redoing the technology in the church to better accommodate all the many ministries. I wrote in my notes to go to t1.xo to hear more about the changes they want to take place. The discussion was a little over my head, to be honest with you, but overall I support the change because it really sounded like they had done their homework, prayed on it, and had good reasons to follow through with the changes. I appreciate being a member of a church where I truly feel like I am a member, and I have a voice.

No-Bake Sugar-Free Cookies

At our home, we like to eat well. At the same time, we like to eat GOOD. That means no refined sugar or flours cross our doorsteps or lips. How can we live like this, you ask? Simple — we get creative and have fun at it! There will be no oxyelite pro side effects at our house!

Believe me — there is life after sugar! I promise!

How about some no-bake peanut butter cookies to make you feel like life is worth living?

Yeah? Check it out!

Mix together:

  • 3/4 c. natural chunky or creamy peanut butter
  • 1/2 c. melted coconut oil
  • 2-1/4 c. old-fashioned oats
  • 1 T. honey

Mix well and form into balls. Place each ball on a parchment-lined sheet and flatten them. Chill the cookies for about an hour in the refrigerator and then enjoy. Store any uneaten cookies in the refrigerator.

My Newest Favorite Holiday

Any guesses what it is?


It’s next Sunday…March 11, 2012.

Does that help? No?

It’s the beginning of Daylight Savings Time! Yes — I know…we lose an hour and that can be a challenge. BUT…there are so many benefits. The extra hour of daylight at the end of the day just does something for my soul.

It’s invigorating, rejuvenating and motivating in a strange sort of way. Somehow, the sun hanging out with us a little longer every day is such a sign of hope for spring at the end of a long, cold winter.

So…how will you spend your extra hour of daylight?

Create Outdoor Living Areas

I love the casual look of Adirondack chairs. They are comfortable and stylish — the perfect seating for a deck or patio. These chairs are also ideal for a porch, whether its enclosed or open — sitting comfortably on chairs with high backs and sturdy arms is the way to relax at home.

When its time to gather the family for an outdoor meal, choose from picnic tables that will provide seating for everyone. This doesn’t have to be boring — a picnic table made from high quality wood, thermoplastic, concrete, aluminum and even recycled plastic. You have plenty of options for choosing outdoor seating for a meal.

Create a nice area in your outdoor landscape with one or two park benches. Again…just like the picnic benches, you have many choices in materials for the benches. Concrete, aluminum, wood, thermoplastic and even custom benches to show off your innovative style.

Spring is coming — are your outdoor areas ready for comfortable seating and hanging out with friends and family? Now is the time to think about this so that you’re all ready to go when the temperatures warm up. Think about the style you want and go for it! This is an investment that you’ll appreciate for years.