Dance Lessons

I don’t really pride myself as much as dancer. I can slow-dance with my husband just fine, but as far as knowing any dance steps such as the waltz or the tango, I’m pretty much clueless.

I definitely don’t need dance lessons from the dance doctor, but it would be kind of cool to learn some classic dance moves. You know, just in case hubby and I actually go dancing someday without the kids. ;)

Affording Musical Endeavors

My kids musical fees aren’t usually too hard on my wallet. They usually don’t ask for expensive things like buying blueridge acoustic guitars at guitar center, but there are occasional fees to pay, such as new music….replacement guitar strings…just little things like that. I’m usually not too annoyed to have to pay little amounts….as long as it’s not TOO often. ;)

Quilting Bees!

I am surrounded by a bunch of little sewing bees. While the boys are busy with their little martin lxme and other masculine activites, my 3 daughters are hard at work, making quilted backpacks, potholders, and even a vest! It makes me so happy to see my daughters enjoy quilting as much as my mom and I do! I love helping them with all their sewing projects and I love to think of the fact that someday they will probably be helping their own daughters with sewing! After all, sewing is a generational pastime in our family!

Mother’s Reunion With Daughter…71 Years Later

Brooke Mayo never stopped thinking of the beautiful little girl she gave up for adoption over 70 years ago.

She was certain, though, that she’d never again see the child she had named Delphine. She had been told, after all, that in 1945 that her daughter had died.

It wasn’t until this past July that the little girl, whose adoptive parents had renamed her Patricia, walked through the door of Mayo’s Paso Robles home.

‘I was in a daze,’ the 89-year-old woman told the San Luis Obispo Tribune, which reported on the reunion Sunday. ‘I’m still in a daze. I can’t believe this. The people I talk to say it’s like a book or a movie or something, it’s just so amazing.’



Craziness is in full swing around these parts as we prepare the embark on our trip to Tennessee, TOMORROW! Oy. I have so much that I need to get done I don’t even know where to begin. Packing. Cooking. Cleaning…..ugh. At least the drive to Tennessee isn’t going to be as long as last year when we went to Florida— An 11-hour drive isn’t TOO bad, but still… today and tomorrow are going to be crazy, I tell you!

Shopping For Tennessee

The craziness starts as I am just now realizing that we leave for Tennessee three weeks from today..Eeek! It’s definitely time to whip out the shopping lists!

I won’t be buying anything crazy like lr baggs venue at guitar center but I do still have a mammoth shopping trip coming up here in a few days.

We’ve been to Tennessee before but this time we’re going to the mountains..I don’t even really know what kind of clothes to pack for that!

Stay tuned! Should be interesting…;)

Musically Talented

I love bragging on my kids musical talents. They’re all very unique in their talents but one that they all have in common is their musical abilities. The older kids all play musical instruments and the younger ones all have fantastic voices. I don’t really think that any of them are going to pursue music as a profession though–they just enjoy doing it for fun. As much as I would like them to become pro musicians I guess I’ll just have to be happy with not having to save on ovation at musicians friend


Lately it’s been go-go-go around here. Summer schedules are really starting to kick in. Next week is the usual summer norm: Baseball games, practices, Drivers Ed classes, pool visits, and park visits. With all this running I have to do I’m thinking I need to hire a limo service st pete fl to taxi me around! (Just kidding) Seriously though, I’m not complaining–Summer is supposed to be bustling and busy isn’t it?

Instrument Repairs

When you have nine kids, most of which play a musical instrument, you can bet that there are gonna have to be repairs made on their instruments. We haven’t had too many repairs that have had to be made thankfully, because the kids are usually pretty careful with their instruments, but there have been a few costly repairs that have had to been taken care of. But luckily for my pocketbook, none of the kids were ever interested in playing the oboe–can you imagine all the classic oboe reeds at wwbw replacements I would have had to take care of?

Electric Guitars

With a budding guitar player in the family, I’m always interested in all different kinds of guitars! The fender starcaster is built as a high-quality electric guitar that has several features that separates it from other guitars, such as the higher and more hollow neck which produces a more unique sound. However, the Fender Starcaster guitars were only produced for about eight years before production ceased on these guitars. There are, however, still a few sources you can buy these unique guitars from– Such as,, and a few separate music stores that will still have a fender starcaster for sale.