Shopping Fun

Sometimes I don’t know WHY I look to buy things like live wildlife cameras, for instance. Maybe it’s the anticipation of something fun coming in the mail, maybe it’s the pure joy of browsing the web for cool stuff. It drives my husband CRAZY, but I just love shopping online! I love it even more than shopping in real stores, because I don’t even have to leave the comfort of my own home!

Clothes Shopping For Kids

I don’t usually do big clothes-shopping trips for my kids. Over the years we’ve collected so many articles of clothing and have been given even more, so it’s not usually necessary for me to go out and buy a tuxedo for kids. Once in awhile, though when I’m cruising online I will find amazing sales on the CUTEST clothes for little kids and I will SOMETIMES splurge and buy some of the super-cute ones. Gotta live a little, right?

New Daddies

My son just became a first-time dad a little over six months ago. While it’s understandable that most of the focus is on the new mom, I don’t think it’s right to forget about daddies…especially brand new ones enjoying the process of parenthood for the first time.

I think it’s a good idea to send new dad gifts to remember the contribution of new daddies. Many new dads are heavily involved in the whole process, midnight feedings and diaper changes and all. Why not extend a special wish of congratulations to them, too?

Baptismal Gifts

You know me…any excuse to shop, right? What could be better than shopping for baby…it’s the best of both worlds…cute and fun! That’s why whenever we have invitations to events, I always take special time to find the perfect baptism gift ideas to make sure that I buy something that will help commemorate the big occasion. Parents usually save these gifts to remember baptismal day. It’s a big deal.

Amazing Online Deals!

As one avid and frequent online shopper to another, can I let you in on a little secret? I promise that by the end of this post you will be falling all over yourself to get to this website and check out their deals. They’re that good.

Anyway, are you as tired as I am of the scams and come-ons put out by websites selling their wares? I hate the scams and I hate the double-speak. I just want deals and I want to find the things I’m looking for in an easy and timely fashion.

Those are the main reasons I want to recommend the NoMoreRack website to you. They’ve got a very simple system. Once you see it you’ll want to stay closely tuned in to what they’re doing every day so you won’t miss any deals.

Here’s how it works:

1. Check the website every day to find out what the daily deals are. If you see something you want, stick it in your cart right away — remember, these are DAILY deals and they only last one day!

2. Create an account so you can check out. It’s an easy process. It won’t hurt…promise!

3. Enter your payment information and make your payment. Check your email for a confirmation email.

Have I convinced you yet? Not quite? OK…I’ll keep going!

Here are a few more tidbits you might find interesting.

  • Martha Stewart, The View and The Miami Herald are just three of the many big names that are putting their thumbs up toward NoMoreRack. For good reason, too!
  • You won’t find any press about nomorerack scams anywhere. It just doesn’t exist. You will find, however, a lot of talk about the great items you can find on NoMoreRack. Things like electronics, jewelry, accessories, clothing, computers…I could go on. It changes every day and you have to act fast if you see something you want because the deals sell out.

Anyway, if you’re still a little hesitant, why not read some nomorerack reviews to see what other people are saying. It’s not just me excited about this website. This is the place to find the awesome deals!

Gift Inspirations

Even though we don’t celebrate Christmas in our family, December is a busy gift-buying month. I have to remember my mother-in-law’s birthday on the first and my oldest daughter’s birthday on the 27th. We also have two anniversaries so far in December — oldest daughter and her hubby will celebrate six years on December 17 and oldest son and his wife will celebrate two years on December 24.

I have some of the birthday shopping out of the way but I’m still looking for inspiration for the anniversaries. Can’t really do something easy like apple ipod nanos — we need couple’s gifts. I think I did gift cards last year…hmmmmm

Shopping for Diningroom Furniture

Having just finished hosting Thanksgiving for 21 family members, I have to tell you that I have had diningroom furniture on my mind recently. We have a dining table that seats eight comfortably and ten if we squeeze. It’s not nearly big enough for our growing family.

So…problem solver that I am, I took it upon myself to begin some online browsing to see if I could find any deals out there. Guess what? I did! I also found lots of beautiful furniture that I’d love to own.

If you are in the same boat as me, you might want to take a look at The RoomPlace dining room furniture and see if you agree with me. This website has both affordable and beautiful furniture.

I saw a variety of styles in a range of prices. Something for everyone on this website. In fact, I also appreciated the fact that they had packages available as well as selling pieces separately. You could purchase an entire set with hutch, buffet and sideboard, or you could purchase just the table and chairs — totally affordable and you can fit it to meet your needs.

Ever the researcher, I decided to do a little delving and see what the web has to say about purchasing home furniture. It’s not a small thing to purchase furniture for your home — you’re going to have to live with it for a number of years, so it pays to take your time, do your research and make sure you purchase something you will love for the long term.

Anyway, I was reading about furniture shopping at the Colorado State University. They recommend that consumers weight carefully the quality, price, comfort, style and color of furniture before purchasing anything. They recommend that consumers think about how they will use the furniture, the amount of maintenance they are willing to put into it, and the length of time they want it to last.

So, for our case, we would need to purchase dining room furniture built to last that would stand up to the tough daily use that our family would give it. I’d love to have upholstered seats, but only if the upholstery was high quality and it would resist stains.

I saw some beautiful pedestal tables at The RoomPlace that would fit our needs perfectly. Another plus — there are local shops located around the country…so shipping doesn’t need to break the bank!

Old Fashioned Shutters

I have always loved the rustic appeal of plantation shutters. Gone are the days when shutters are a necessary accessory for covering windows, but that doesn’t make them any less attractive to me. They lend such an old-fashioned and sweet charm to any home. It’s the sort of accessory that goes perfectly with window boxes filled to over-flowing with flowers. I love that look.

I was browsing around recently, looking at all of the different shutters they have for sale. So pretty…and available in a variety of different colors and styles.

The home I grew up in had shutters on a few of the windows…brings back good memories of a good old house.

Unfortunately, the windows in our house do not lend themselves easily to shutters. If we ever replace the windows in our bay window, though, I would love to incorporate light oak shutters over the windows, though. That look would be perfect for our old-fashioned home.

What do you think? Do you love the shutter look? Do you have them? Would you use them? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!