NASA Builds Mosaic With Over 1400 Waving People

On July 19, with the information that our planet would be in pictures taken that day due to a rare total eclipse of the sun, NASA asked people all over the world to take a few minutes out of their normal everyday life to spot the planet in the sky and wave their hands at Cassini, 900 million miles away.

In total, people from 40 countries and 30 U.S. states sent pictures of themselves waving at the spacecraft to various social media outlets.

To thank those who graciously participated, NASA created a mosaic of Earth using the photos submitted.

‘It’s just thrilling me to no end that people all over the world took a break from their normal activities to go outside and celebrate the interplanetary salute between robot and maker that these images represent,’ said Carolyn Porco, lead of the Cassini imaging team.

New Invention For Cleaning Seas

Boyan Slat, 19, came up with the idea of a series of floating booms and processing platforms designed to collect floating plastic rubbish from large bodies of water all around the world.

This ‘ocean cleanup’ idea is created to capture the floating plastic but allow life like fish and plankton to pass through unharmed, while saving the waste materials to be recycled.

Phone Apps

I don’t have a huge amount of different apps on my Smartphone—pretty much just basic ones like Facebook and Candy Crush (nope, can’t live with out my CC) Just because I don’t really like a bunch of little apps taking up valuable space on my phone….Okay, I will occasionally splurge and buy things like goconnect app–but not TOO often. I’d much rather do things outside a screen. ;)

Teenager Creates A Safer Nuclear Power Plant

Do nuclear power plants need a makeover? Critics of nuclear energy certainly believe it to be so, and so does nuclear energy advocate, Taylor Wilson. A physics whiz, Wilson became the youngest person to ever create fusion at age 14. Since graduating from high school last year, he’s devoted himself to finding innovative solutions to the world’s biggest problems.

The now nineteen-year-old Wilson previously spoke to a TED audience about his design for a small, modular fission reactor that is both less expensive and much safer to operate than today’s nuclear reactors.

Connection Between Watching TV and Eating Junk

Did you ever notice how enticing the junk food commercials are on prime time television? Do you hear lots of requests from your kids when they’re watching television — asking for whatever it is that they’re seeing on the screen?

We don’t watch television in that way, so we’re insulated from this situation. You can bet that I’d be opting for commercials about designer watches instead of potato chips and fast food if we were watching, though.

How’s this for a fast statistic for you?

Researchers report that for every hour of television watched by kids, they are 8 percent less likely to eat fruit every day, 18 percent more likely to eat candy, and a whopping 16 percent more likely to eat fast food.

‘nuf said!

Slow Computer Issues

I’ve been struggling with frustrating computer issues lately. My laptop battery died a few weeks ago, so now I’m tied to a cord and an outlet at all times — that’s annoying! I’m also fighting some type of virus, I think. It’s causing many different issues that are slowing me down. I think I need to get my son here to help me. He’s one of those geeks that specializes in help you speed up your computer. Handy guy to have around! Hopefully when he’s done, my computer will be zipping once again.

Internet Usefulness

Honestly…what did we do before we had the ability to research and learn about virtually anything on the Internet? I remember, as a kid, having to struggle because the research I needed to do had to be completed at the library. You couldn’t take the encyclopedias home, afterall! Horrors! Nowadays, my kids have the ability to hop onto the computer and do all their research in minutes. We adults can research items to buy like title loans tampa, figuring out what we need and finding the best prices in mere seconds.

Isn’t it interesting to look back, see the progress, and wonder what progress lies ahead?

GPS Units

What on earth did we do before GPS units? I have no idea…but now that we have one, we will never go anywhere unknown without it. The online mapping websites are all well and good, but the ability to have a gadget sitting on your dashboard telling you exactly how to get from point a to point b cannot be beat!

We have a Magellan GPS that has served us well, taking us to and fro across the country several times. I would never want to travel cross-country without it.

What do you think?

3G Woes

I live in a slightly remote area — just far enough away from the big towns that 3G doesn’t work for me. Isn’t that sad? I think so. I have a Barnes and Noble Nook that I paid $50 extra for to have the 3G capabilities and it only works sporadically, depending on where I’m sitting or standing with my Nook. My cell phone works fine most of the time…no need for a cell booster, but I can’t get my Nook to work right! Bummer!